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We invite you to bear witness to the Steel Salty Saga. We have been hunting and fishing all our lives and we want to share this vast amount of experience with you.


For the Past 20 year Captain Morgan has been fishing and creating an environment to sustain the highest quality Galveston bay and Gulf Coast Offshore experience. Each trip is tailored made for each adventurous client that set forth upon the high seas with Captain Morgan at the helm.

Since a small boy Captain Morgan has been on the water. Fishing and hunting and learning the mariner ways. As an adult he has mastered the art and now shares his experience with you. Not only will you catch fish but will learn the secrets of the master himself. He works well with children and especially those with handicaps who need special care and instruction. He has created a charter that not only caters to the sport fishermen but those who are still learning and need extra guidance on the water.

Safety is the most important thing to Captain Morgan. He used high equipment to insure a safe return and worry free day of Galveston bay fishing. So what are you waiting for. Let’s have an adventure!


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